Welcome to The Wizard of Oz Mysteries !

What are the Wizard of Oz mysteries? A mystery is something unexplained or secret. "Mysteries" is the term often used throughout the ages to refer to a set of "secret teachings" or philosophy based on a central theme or mythological character -- like Dionysus for instance. In the last century, scholars and writers like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have contributed generously to our understanding of the deeper meanings underlying various myths and stories -- sacred and secular. Figurative composition, analogy and metaphor are frequent linguistic tools of almost every writer's trade. These analytical methods are also applied to the world of cinema -- a world in which the effect and impact of certain symbols on the collective psyche is significantly magnified through the powerful art of multimedia. This website is devoted to an exploration of The Wizard of Oz Mysteries as portrayed in the popular classic feature film of the same title. Though many authors have focused on these mysteries as put forth in the books by the author of the original story -- Frank Baum -- this site will focus on the film -- mainly because that's the way most of us have been exposed to them. The fact that minor details in the movie do not always mirror the content in the book does not matter. A symbol is a symbol all the same, and once a particular arrangement of certain symbols (such as in a story) are projected repeatedly, their effect upon our consciousness is just as valid and strong. The meaning of any particular symbol is not static -- it is fluid. Like an onion -- it has many layers of interpretation -- from the purely personal to the universal or "archetypal" realm (meaning that it is true for everyone on some very basic level.) This website is dedicated to an exploration and interpretation of the symbols in the movie The Wizard of Oz from many angles and perspectives -- especially with regard to practical spirituality. If you have any particular insights on the meaning of any certain symbol or event in the story, you are cordially invited to share them. Enjoy the Mysteries!