Reclaiming the Witch’s Broomstick

What does the witch’s broomstick really symbolize? Why did the wizard ask Dorothy to retrieve it, and why was it so important for Dorothy to complete that task? What does it have to do with “serpent power” and the kundalini? These questions and more are answered in the following excerpt from Chapter 8, “Awakening the Dragon: The Physiology of Awareness” in a book by Judy Kennedy entitled Spiritual Practice, Occultism, and Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Travel Guide for Beyond the Rainbow. It is published here with permission and contains references to alchemy, vampires, white gold, and star fire -- topics related to demonstrations of power on the part of our extraterrestrial ancestors otherwise known as “the Anunnaki.” It is also an elaboration on the symbolism of the RUBY RED SLIPPERS in connection with the classic fairy tale “The Red Shoes.”

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Dorothy's Lessons